Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's it about the hyphen anyhow?

I am an old school, command line geeky kind of girl. Back in the day when choosing my blog name and finding the domain to match I was hoping for, but it was not available. Then I was torn, do I change the name (which I decided I loved) or add hyphens? is easy to read with the hyphen but hard to remember when you tell someone the URL, spaces between the words would be just so readable, but just not workable. In technical parlance, it is about character strings on the server and how a space separates the arguments or the syntax of the command. Something like diagramming a sentence into actions, operatives and variables.

The domain became available this summer, so I bought it. Then came the intense discussion with my darling son whether to move my site over to the new domain, remain on Blogger or do a complete change to WordPress. And truth be known, I have been two-timing this original site. Taking time to learn about the architecture, options and design and putting my new posts there as I get a feel for the environment. There is lots to learn, but I do want you to see some of the preliminary work and of course the posts you've been missing out on here.  I have also been updating Facebook with images and links along the way. In time I will be transitioning all the posts and have a redirect to make sure no matter which URL you type in or have bookmarked you can find me.  Do you like the new little Robin on the logo?

Table Hopping -- Alma Cocina, Atlanta

I'll take the heat -- Cantaloupe-Harbanero Gazpacho

Salmon with Compound Butter and Chives 

Shades of White (Popovers)

Pepperjack Cornbread Muffins

Autumn Peaches - An orchard of one

Sesame Honey Sable Fish

Joy of Bread (Pane Pugliese)