Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creative Zest

Food, colors, creative play.... where and when do we let our creative side get crowded out by life?  Or for some art and creativity is scary, foreign and missing.  I've recommitted myself to play and just allow myself to act on the images and flavors that present themselves instead of shutting them down to something more staid and practical. That side of me, right now requires my attention.  And, the funny thing is, the risk of sharing is just a part the creative process. Does what you do resonate with anyone else?  Like a good meal, what fun is it if you are eating alone?  Open eyes, explore and challenge yourself...myself...  I started out just to push my cooking, get out of a rut and to envision and execute editable feasts for the eyes and tongue and now... Geez, look at me, posting on a blog, joining flickr groups and adventuring out in the social creative network. What are you doing to feed your creative side? I have to say, for now, "Love it!"
Cayenne Love


  1. Hi Robin, this is such an inspiring post! It's not easy to balance creativity and practical concerns but so important to try...and in the process, as you said, discover all manner of potential connections and delight.

    Its a process that grows organically when fed with energy and attention and like you, I've also found blogging and flickr a wonderful venue for creating and sharing.

    Here's to continuing with joyous resourcefulness on that colorful path :D!

  2. I think we are on this path together gentle friend. I enjoying sharing with you and seeing your artistic tangents as well. Happy Monday.


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